AddressBd de Pérolles 90
1700 Fribourg
Other EngagementsUniversity of Lucerne (HSLU)
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Benjamin Emmenegger

PhD Student in Computer Science

Research interests

In my work, I try to find a framework and methods, to build a tool and recommend processes for the public sector to make resilient and transparent decision in a hybrid, transdisciplinary and dynamic environment under consideration of fuzzy methods. These idea is based on following topics:

  • Decision Making
  • Fuzzy Methods
  • E-Government and Collaboration
  • Transdisziplinarity
  • Participation Methods
  • Argumentative Mining


Current lectures

  • Business Math, HSLU
  • Management Game, HSLU
  • Parts of "Consulting", HSLU

Past lectures

  • Statistics, HSLU



  • Doctoral Research in Computer Science: Conversation Theory-based communal Participation Systems
  • Regional Process: Finding future potentials for a political region with a participative setup
  • Practise-Project: Creating a new ecological-network in a region
  • Practise-Project: Merge and reorganise a musicschool


  • Practise-Project: Creating a new ecological-network in a region
  • Practise-Project: Creating and build a Playground under maximum participation of different stakeholders
  • Masterthesis: objective decision making in the public administration - (anti-corruption)
  • Bachelor thesis: internal controlsystems (IKS) in the public administration


  • Emmenegger, B (2019) Possible measures for anti-corruption in Municipalities in the canton of Lucerne. With a focus on criminal law and administrative law as well as methods and processes in the areas of compliance, risk management and control systems. published Masterthesis at the University of St.Gallen at LawSchool: St.Gallen. (get here [german-version])